From the news: First Nations oppose water licenses

From the Powell River Peak Newspaper, courtesy The Coast Reporter: “Three area First Nations are raising concerns with the provincial government’s approval of applications to extract water from streams in their traditional territories. The government has approved 33 licences for the Kwiakah First Nation of Campbell River and the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation of Alert Bay to extract water around Jervis, Toba, Bute and Knight inlets. There were a total of 43 applications, but nine were abandoned and one was refused.” For more information, read the story here. The image above is from Flickr, of construction of the Taku River Tlingit run-of-river project, a part of the First Nation Regeneration Fund’s first deal with Atlin’s Taku River Tlingit. The Taku River Tlingit are a vital part of the success story that has allowed Atlin to turn off its diesel powered generator and significantly reduce greenhouse gases. What do you think of […]

Musquem Frida Kahlo @MOA_UBC in Vanouver?

One icons on the Musquem Welcome poles in the outdoor display at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology bears an uncanny resemblance to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Is it just my imagination or is this intentional on the part of the artist? You decide.. [GPS]lat=49.2695,lon=-123.25949[/GPS]

City of Totems: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia is often referred to as the city of glass – famous for it’s towering high-rises that seem to pop up overnight; and when we, the lucky few million that reside here, brag about Vancouver to friends and family – we regal them with stories of the easy access to the outdoors, being able to launch a kayak in English Bay or pop up to Cypress Bowl to ski after work or take run up the Grouse Grind. We don’t usually mention the arts or cultural events – Toronto and Montreal have us beat when it comes to culture. We scramble to point out a few galleries on Granville and wince at the mention of the VAG‘s Emily Carr collection. Every once in while there’s a new piece of public art erected on English Bay courtesy of a local gallery – but try and make a day of […]

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Horseshoe Bay Bear Pole by Tony Humt

At the entrance to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, the pole was carved by Tony Hunt. [GPS]lat=49.374042, lon=-123.272628[GPS]×300.jpg

Fireman’s Park Pole Tacoma, Washington

This ~110 year old Totem Pole is located in Fireman’s Park at the intersection of South 9th and ‘A’ Street in Tacoma, Wa Carved in 1903 The original cost of the pole was shared by Chester Thorne and William F. Sheard, it was Sheard who seems to have been the impetus behind it. Sheard bought and sold animal furs and skins, antlers and tribal artifacts. His customers included the ultra-rich: the Astors, the Vanderbilts and the Russian royal family. Sheard made frequent trips to Alaska and would have been familiar with, and familiar to, Alaska natives. According to the Tacoma Ledger of Dec. 14, 1924, Sheard said he commissioned the pole to compete with Seattle, which displayed a totem pole downtown. He wrote that he “tired of reading about it in every magazine and paper published” and decided to “get a larger and better totem pole for Tacoma and stop […]

Open Ocean Pole in SandSpit, BC

Carved by Jesse Jones, Jimmy Jones and Jason Goetzinger Spotted on the way to the SandSpit Airport, peaking thru rows of boats stored at [GPS]lat=53.236591,lon=-131.845872[GPS] Near Queen Charlotte Safaris 535 Beach Road Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0 Canada

Welcoming Pole at Portland Community College

Raised in May 2001, Carved by Richard Hunt Located in a grove of evergreen trees on the Mt. Sylvania hillside overlooking PCC’s Sylvania campus, a thirty-foot totem pole greets students arriving and leaving the campus. PCC commissioned Richard Hunt, a renowned Kwaguilth artist, to carve this pole to welcome the community to the campus and celebrate the cultural traditions of indigenous peoples here and throughout the world. for more information see: [GPS]lat=45.438047,lon=-122.73207[GPS]

Jim Hart poles in Old Masset, BC

On site at Jim Hart’s studio in Old Masset, BC At the end of Raven Rd, just before entrance to cemetery – Jim Hart’s Studio where you can see works in progress and one monumental pole by the sea. [GPS]lat=54.041638,lon=-132.193581[/GPS]

Susan Point Welcome Poles @YVRAirport

Susan Point, Welcome Poles, Totem Poles, Carver, Vancouver International Airport, Arrivals Building, Vancouver 3211 Grant McConachie Way Richmond, B.C. Canada [GPS]lat=49.196691,lon=-123.181512 [/GPS]

Thunderbird Totem Pole at UBC Brock Hall

Thunderbird Totem Pole at UBC Brock Hall [GPS]lat=49.2686312,lon=-123.252102 [/GPS]

The Native Education College Totem Pole


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