From the news: First Nations oppose water licenses

From the Powell River Peak Newspaper, courtesy The Coast Reporter: “Three area First Nations are […]

Musquem Frida Kahlo @MOA_UBC in Vanouver?

One icons on the Musquem Welcome poles in the outdoor display at UBC’s Museum of […]

City of Totems: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia is often referred to as the city of glass – famous for […]

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Horseshoe Bay Bear Pole by Tony Humt

At the entrance to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, the pole was carved by Tony […]

Fireman’s Park Pole Tacoma, Washington

This ~110 year old Totem Pole is located in Fireman’s Park at the intersection of […]

Open Ocean Pole in SandSpit, BC

Carved by Jesse Jones, Jimmy Jones and Jason Goetzinger Spotted on the way to the […]

Welcoming Pole at Portland Community College

Raised in May 2001, Carved by Richard Hunt Located in a grove of evergreen trees […]

Jim Hart poles in Old Masset, BC

On site at Jim Hart’s studio in Old Masset, BC At the end of Raven […]

Susan Point Welcome Poles @YVRAirport

Susan Point, Welcome Poles, Totem Poles, Carver, Vancouver International Airport, Arrivals Building, Vancouver 3211 Grant […]

Thunderbird Totem Pole at UBC Brock Hall

Thunderbird Totem Pole at UBC Brock Hall [GPS]lat=49.2686312,lon=-123.252102 [/GPS]

The Native Education College Totem Pole


Yet Another Totem Pole Discovered: Milles-Isle, Quebec

Located at 45.829648,-74.205635 [GPS]lat=45.829648,lon=-74.205635[/GPS]

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